Dan Ford is a researcher, author, and speaker on the subjects of liberty and constitutional government between the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. As a passionate historian, Dan teaches history from God’s providential perspective. He has written many articles and as well as two books. In both his writing and his teaching Mr. Ford recalls the foundational contribution of Christianity in the historic struggle for constitutional government as well as the cause of religious and civil liberty. His objective is to unfold America’s genuine cultural inheritance and to demonstrate by way of facts and artifacts that modern caricatures of our nation’s history often prove to be misrepresentations that run counter to a rich, robust, and well-documented past.


In The Name of God, Amen

In the Name of God, Amen was written to chronicle a largely forgotten legacy. Comprised of three books with over 400 illustrations and documents in one 290 page hard-bound volume, it is intended to chronicle the covenantal faith, the covenantal history, and the covenantal lives of those who shaped our inheritance. The three books that comprise this self-contained volume take a comprehensive look at this overarching biblical theme.

The Legacy of Liberty and Property

At last! Here is a book that addresses the sweeping legacy of liberty and property as it was understood in the beginning of our nation. This volume covers these twin catalysts of America’s freedom – the two ideas that must remain inseparably linked for freedom to thrive in any meaningful way.

This book documents the sweeping story of freedom as it was best expressed in the principles of Reformed Christianity in Europe and then planted in the New World by the English colonists. The key to the success of America’s founding fathers was their devout understanding of the timeless principles of property stewardship under God. The establishment of an American republic was predicated on faithful Americans defending their inheritance of liberty and property at the hazard of their lives.


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